Senior Back end Developer


Advicefront is a single hub from which you can manage all of your client relationships. Collect and store client data, collaborate on investments, and even take payments. Advicefront also provides Document sharing and Secure Messaging, making it easier for advisers, planners and clients to keep their information safe in one single place.

With Onboard by Advicefront, you can have Fact-finding, risk tolerance, digital client agreements and recurring payments, all from a single dashboard. 

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We’re looking for experienced back-end developers who want to solidify their careers in software development and be a part of our product’s growth in the financial advice market.

As a senior Advicefront developer you’ll be expected to:
  • Create high-level solutions for processing data with modern web technologies;
  • Help develop and shape the company’s tech roadmap;
  • Develop scalable, efficient solutions and discuss them both technically and non-technically;
  • Work as part of an integrated team, interacting with business, designers, and front-end developers to deliver new features in record time;
  • Be part of all stages of feature development, from specification to deploy;
  • Think critically and be capable of adapting to change;
  • Think about the posed problems and new projects in a highly conceptual and structured way.

Source: Remote OK