Full Stack Engineer

Job Description: Full Stack Engineer

*North American Applicants Only*

– SocialVenu enables brands to incentivize their customers to become micro-influencers, driving brand awareness & sales through social word-of-mouth (eWOM) marketing.
– We provide micro-influencers with tools to showcase the things they love, share that love on Social media and in return they are rewarded.
– We provide our clients the tools to manage, track and reward these micro-influencers.
– This channel can be the most powerful marketing method, rivaling the current social marketing spend of $110B annually.
– Importantly we also possess camera technology used to capture live event experiences, deepening the engagement delivered to brands and consumers.
– We’re a group of highly ambitious and equally open-minded, proven professionals.
– We are looking to bring on innovative, creative and passionate individuals who want to disrupt the traditional Social Media marketing machine. Our markets include Sports, Entertainment, Athletes, Brands and Non-Profits.
– Based in Emeryville, California with a globally dispersed team. All team members are currently working remotely.
– To see more visit: www.socialvenu.com

About Team
– CEO is successful entrepreneur. Previously the Co-founder of Demandforce, Inc.
– Board Members include: Drew Brees, David West, George Killebrew, Cameron Scholvin, and Chris Gallagher

Front-End Developer

– Based on experience
– Attractive equity and benefits package
– Potential for CTO career path

– As one of 4 core engineers you will build the core product with support from our Fullstack & Backend engineers, Designer & Head of Product
– Able to quickly iterate & test various concepts
– User & customer focused to understand and contribute towards features & solutions

Experience/Our Stack:
– Previously built complex web applications (ideally viewable)

Experience in:
– Webapp development
– Email & other user prompts
– Dashboards & reporting
– Image & Video processing
– E-commerce & redemption codes
– Membership profiles, gamification & rewards

Tech stack & languages:
– Html, CSS, JavaScript (NodeJS), TypeScript, Kotlin, (Python as a plus)
– React/Redux
– Bootstrap
– Spring Boot

– PostgreSQL

External tools:
– AWS (EC2 instances and Lambda functions)
– Firebase
– Cloudinary
– Segment
– Sentry [...]