Senior Software Engineer ShaperHub


Shaper is bringing precision craft to everyone with a revolutionary line of augmented-reality power tools, starting with a handheld CNC router called Origin. We have set out to simplify the process of making, and our software products and services are central to this goal.  We’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer to lead development on ShaperHub. ShaperHub is a marketplace for woodworking and fabrication projects, and a platform that enables our community to make, collaborate, learn and share.

This position is open to both local and remote candidates located within the United States of America. Shaper HQ is located in San Francisco, California. Flexible working hours are expected for remote candidates in order to ensure effective communication. Important NoteAlthough we do our best to list everything we are looking for in a candidate, we are very likely missing skills and/or attributes that could make you a great fit for the role.

Research has shown that women and other marginalized groups are less likely to apply if they don’t clearly meet every requirement. This means we might both miss out on a great opportunity—it never hurts to take a chance and apply.

Source: Remote OK