Senior Software Development Engineer (Budapest, Hungary)


The Role

As a Software Development Engineer, you will be an expert in different backend technologies and develop software that helps both our customers and colleagues in their daily lives. You will be responsible for the entire development and support process for a software program. Your applications will make previously complex tasks simple with the impact ranging from saving time, effort or money to re-defining normal.

What will you do?

  • Demonstrate in depth knowledge of IDE, language and toolset in Java;
  • Comfortably test drive any feature;
  • Profile and optimize code;
  • Identify and apply appropriate design patterns to problems;
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of cohesion, SOLID and how to apply it;
  • Demonstrate a good working knowledge of one relevant operating system;
  • Script and automate within relevant environment.

Your background

  • Experience of operating in the cloud (AWS or Azure);
  • Understanding NoSQL technologies (Redis, MongoDB or similar);
  • Exposure to a variety of frameworks and libraries (Spring Boot, Micronaut or similar);
  • Experience using Docker and Kubernetes (or similar) for containerization, scalability and monitoring applications;
  • Experience in Lean and Agile environments and understanding of principles behind methodologies such as: BDD, ATDD and TDD.

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