Customer Success Manager

User Interviews

About User InterviewsAt User Interviews, we believe that the best companies in the world consistently deliver products and experiences that their customers love. We also believe that the only way to consistently build those products and experiences is to talk to your customers. Watch what they do. Understand why they do what they do.

Figure out why they do things that seem irrational. And once you’ve done that once, do it again. Start having constant conversations. In short, make customers your #1 priority through user research.

  That’s why we exist. We help teams set up those conversations, allowing them to discover and embrace user insights. We currently do that by making it fast and easy to talk to customers, or potential customers, to help with product, design, or marketing decisions. We work with hundreds of companies every month, including user-centric organizations like Atlassian, Amazon, and Spotify.

About Customer SuccessWe’re looking to bring on an entrepreneurial, analytical, and relationship-obsessed Customer Success Manager. You’ll work with our Director of Customer Success to continue building systems that support our growing number of subscription customers (600 and counting). You’ll manage a segment of our post-close relationships from onboarding through to renewal hand-off.  As our subscription base and Customer Success team grows we’ll continue segmenting CS so that we’re always providing the best, and most efficient, client experience possible.

User Interviews is a fully remote team (even in the before times). We are proactive about staying connected to one another despite not sharing the same physical space. Remote culture is real and we care about it—a lot.  We’re a team of doers.

You’ll be fully supported by your manager and team, but there won’t be anyone peering over your shoulder. You’ll be expected and trusted to take ownership of your work, and to communicate clearly and transparently with your distributed teammates.  On a related note, we’re very pro-feedback. From our users, of course.

But also from each other. From individual contributors right up to the CEO, this is a team that is genuinely committed to continuous improvement.  We embrace what makes you, you. We are committed to accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

We build products for and welcome participants, researchers, and employees from a diverse set of backgrounds. These backgrounds include—but are not limited to—varied socioeconomic status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, race, ethnicity, age, neurodivergence, disability, and citizenship.  As we grow, we are aware that this work is continuous. We will not settle for how things are, but rather strive for how they could be.

Source: Remote OK