Wheel the World

Become the CTO of Wheel the World, work closely with founders to define the product roadmap, tech strategy, and lead the product development of the company with great tech. About Wheel the World:Wheel the World is a travel tech startup with the purpose to MAKE THE WORLD ACCESSIBLE. By building a cutting-edge model of accessibility data, which is extracted, organized, and displayed on www. gowheeltheworld.

com, we allow people with disabilities to find and book accessible travel experiences including hotels, tours, and activities with accessibility information they need in the most amazing destinations in the world. Our vision: To become the best worldwide solution for people with disabilities to travel the world. We are an international team, passionate about the combination of tech and accessibility. We love what we do.

Our commitment is to provide detailed and accurate accessibility information of travel products and services, so we can allow millions of travelers with disabilities to explore the world without limits. Our company is a Delaware B Corporation, funded by VC’s from the US and Latam, and recognized angel investors such as Susan Wojcicki, Youtube CEO, and Gillian Tans, former Booking. com CEO. TechCrunch article about Wheel the WorldWe truly believe in our core values: passion, positive activism, disruptiveness, humility, and collaboration.

Wheel the World Anthem https://www. youtube. com/watch. v=nERGYj6n4dY

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